Evans Auto Sales in York, SC is HIRING!

   We are glad you are here! If you, or someone you know may be looking for                                an exciting new career, we have an opportunity!

Maybe you know someone fresh out of high school, and college isn't the best next step for them? It wasn't for me. Are they driven, competitive, and dependable?

We can teach them some very valuable skills to help them build their resume, or they may love this industry as much as I do and see the potential of a career in the car business!

Do you know a college student who has decided this just isn't the right path for them?

Refer them to us, and let us show them of the potential you have in this industry, without a college education!

Maybe you want to change careers yourself? The car business is rewarding in a lot of ways! If you enjoy helping people, like a challenge to overcome, and love doing something different everyday, you may find a new home and find your calling here! Not to mention your income potential in the car industry is uncapped with our base + commissioned pay plan!

If this sounds like something, you or someone you know would like to explore further please text me on 803-500-3843 or email me at EvansAutoSalesOnline@gmail.com. In your text or email please sell me on yourself, and why you think you are better than a competitor applying for this position!

I look forward to meeting you all!  -Tim Evans